I was born in Brasil in 1969
I have lived in Ibiza since 1990, I am an artist and Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher .
I started practicing yoga following a paralysis caused by a thermal shock that mainly affected half of my face. The doctor recommended, apart from acupuncture and other techniques for recovery, the practice of yoga. This is how I started to recover and regain all the movements of my face. But I also discovered a big passion of this philosophy of life, which years later made me become a teacher.
In addition to teaching yoga in Ibiza I also dedicate my life to painting, showing my work regulary on the island. Through yoga, I have been changing my habits and my way of thinking. My desire in teaching yoga is to share the art of yoga that has changed my life,and brought joy, grace, strength, inner peace, beauty, and a sense of empowerment to all that I do. I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher with a diploma recognised internationally and accredited by the Yoga Alliance. I graduated in London , my teacher training was taught by Barbara Gordon, founder of the Sivananda Center in London, Nora Belton, and Swami Saradananda, author of several books including “Yoga mind and body” and “Yoga Cookbook”. They were disciples of Swami Vishnu-Devananda , among the first yoga masters in the West to develop a training in 1969 and author of several books including “The Complete Book of Yoga” , and “Meditation and Mantra”. Later I also studied Yoga and Ayurveda in Haridwar , a holy city in India, also known as the world capital of Yoga. My teachers were graduated in Yogic Sciences, and both legitimate children of a marriage of gurus. If you are interested in starting your yoga journey or deepen your current practice please do not hesitate to contact me, or check out classes to find out more about the type of yoga I am teaching